Pokemon! What Do YOU Want in the Next Installment?

Santiago Terrazas


With the recent development of news that the Pokemon Kyurem might have a different form kind of form such as Giratina did, the question that is sprung is “What can GameFreak do different this time?” For starters, GameFreak has always been able to create a new feature, wrap it up, and call it game revolving around the Pokemon franchise. This time however, I hope that they try and add more story or try and add one of the past regions. As a huge fan of the originals, I have always wished for GameFreak to touch back to the Kanto region.

Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen were awesome on the GameBoy Advance. However, I would love to see what kind of graphical enhancements and new features they could add to the Kanto Region. What they have done to the multi-player side of Pokemon is phenomenal, which I really do hope they continue to innovate in that department. Enough of my opinions though. What do you, the players, want to see in the next installment? New regions? More multi-player features? New Pokemon?Let us know in the comment section below!

To read about the recent Kyurem discovery, click here.


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  • Idk

    All the regions to go through like in crystal. Give me a boat and all the gyms and I’ll be a happy camper

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1036023420 Alexandre Trottier

    A Pokemon MMO, of course! And being able to SEE wild Pokemon before you battle them would be amazing. (Perhaps in the same way that monsters are presented in Xenoblade, where they react to the environment).

  • gold

    pokemon ruby and saphire remake or pokemon gray

  • Idek

    They already remade Kanto in HGSS, just saying.

  • guest

    I would say mixing kyreum with every pokemon in the pokedex

  • Luxrus

    I SO dissagree with you, gold!!!!!!

  • Haroon

    how about they start in kanto, you can travel to johto and so on, like ash. to go to the next region, you have to beat the champion.
    when you get to unova and beat alder, all gym leaders come to you and congratulate you.

  • hunter

    i agree with alexander they should deffo do a mmo where all pokemon am obtainable and the trainer as well as the pokemon level up and with each level ur train gains be becomes better at catching harder pokemon and should start from kanto all the way through like in the series