Pokemon Generation Zero

This time’s Pokemon is a story from the past!

Translation of the copy on the image above:

Set before the events in the games, Pokemon Red, Green, and Blue for the Gameboy, this game is set when the Pokedex was not around yet. Asked by Professor Fuji, a boy and a girl sets off on an adventure!

The main characters are Professor Oak, and one of the Elite Four, Agatha!
Your Pokedex is a sketchbook! Write your own Pokedex by drawing the pokemon with your touchpen!

These are the first pokemon you can get!
Articuno Moltres Zapdos

Pocket Monsters Sepia Pocket Monsters Monochrome
Yukinori Agatha

Which ever you choose changes your story.


  • Playing as young Oak or Agatha (which implies there would be no Pokedex)
  • Only about 100 Pokes, many dual-types not existing yet.
  • Instead of Pokeballs, people use primitive man-mad balls from Apricorns, which you have to find and make yourself (thus making each Pokemon catch attempt more challenging) – rarer Apricorns – better catch rates, etc.
  • Instead of catching wild Pokemon, you try and befriend them or flight them.
  • After catching a certain species, you have a little cut scene of Oak/Agatha recoding the data, by drawing hte pokemon (which you do yourself), and then watch as they try and describe it, which will be the same info from the pokedex in Gen I-V.
  • No boxes, just leave your Pokemon at a specific daycare center (one in each town), which can store up to 12 Pokemon at a time. When your all out of storage space, you either release them in the wild, or release them in the future Safari zone, where you can visit them again.
  • By the end of the game, a small clip with several pictures come up, Oak and Agatha slowly growing older, slowly growing apart, the last pic is of Oak handing a Pokedex to two kids who you can’t see the face of.



About the author:

Mickey – who has written posts on NintendoFuse.

  • Bcdulyea

    I haven’t been excited about a Poke’mon game in a very long time!

  • B1436720

    Seems legit

  • Dsf


  • http://www.nintendofuse.com DarkWish

    Yea, it’s definitely fake.

  • Deus

    Fake indeed, there’s no way that Nintendo would make a good Pokémon game these days anyway.
    Dash was the last good game, unfortunately.

  • Flamefireheart12


  • pochp

    Hi, I’m part of the group working on pokemon gen0.

    When you have the time, like us on Facebook 

  • Jakritch12

    HOLY S***!  You mean this is going to be real.  TAKE MAI DALLHAS

  • Guest


  • Kanto Champion Blue

    I approve

  • http://www.facebook.com/twilightwolf4 Twilite Folf

    So instead of moving forward into generation VI, we’re going backwards
    Does this mean we have to dust off our Game Boys?

  • Animeman1000

    You guys do know this is a fan made game right? They have a FB page and if you guys want this to happen then you guys should go check it out and support them. That would be awesome!!! https://www.facebook.com/0pokemon0

  • shonuki

    maybe you meet Giovanni before he turns evil? Or see the origins of team rocket as just a meer gang or club. Origins of the gyms and elite four? Not as good technology so the pokemon center takes a while with healing your pokemon? make your own pokemon food and medicine.

  • Inferanape 101

    Sounds awesome! Yet, I feel it is a little unrealistic on GameFreaks part and all we know it could be some random dweeb posting fake observations. Real or not it would make a fine game.