New Pokemon Crossover Revealed: Nobunaga’s Ambition X Pokemon for DS

The special new Pokemon game reveal has happened at Jump Festa! And it’s… something nobody predicted. The game is called “Nobunaga’s Ambition X Pokemon” and will be released for Nintendo DS (not 3DS) in 2012 in Japan. For those that don’t know, Nobunaga’s Ambition is a turn-based strategy RPG series involving real battles in Japanese history by Koei Tecmo, so Pokemon is now doing a crossover with that series and obviously bringing it into the fictional realm. The game has been developed as a joint effort by The Pokemon Company/Nintendo and Koei Tecmo. The images seem to depict Sengoku-period generals teaming up with Pokemon, which is a very intriguing concept and actually looks really interesting to me. I’m disappointed that it’s a DS game, but I’m more curious than ever as to what this will be like. If there’s any new news, I’ll add it to this post, but in the meantime enjoy some more images….

The poster for the game:

Here’s an image of a brochure for the game (the guy in the middle is Oda Nobunaga and he’s paired up with Zekrom it seems):

Some in-game screens:

Image of Takeda Shingen with Groudon:

Another image of another character, who is with Articuno:

Image of Uesugi Kenshin with Mewtwo:

Another character with Jigglypuff:

Another image of the booth at Jump Festa:

[NeoGAF and GBATemp]

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  • DeezeNuts


  • Nikola Begedin

    And suddenly, I wan’t to own a 3DS.

    • Chester Ang

      it just might be a regular ds game. Awesome though

      • Brandon

        It’s a normal DS game.

      • Merv-cool

        Considering that the 3DS’s are not selling well, Game Freak most likly wanted it to be on NDS so that more people can buy the game. 😀 Ive seen the actual Prototype anyways and it is so.. 😀

  • music,books and games

    awesome! will definitely give it a try

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  • imaguess

    why is mewtwo in it if its based in the sengoku era? is mewtwo a time traveler now? 

    • Emcnaughton201

      Well the man he’s paired with claimed to be the incarnation of Bishamonten, a Shinto god.  So maybe it’s a literal deus ex machina?

      Other than that, yeah, I guess you’re not supposed to think about it too hard.

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  • Emcnaughton201

    The character designs actually have more in common with Samurai Warriors, the button-masher set in the same period.  The two unidentified characters are Akechi Mitsuhide and Oichi, respectively.

    The trailer also shows Toyotomi Hideyoshi paired with Infernape.

    This is the first Pokemon game I’ve ever been interested in, and I hope it comes to the west.

  • Dustin Fake

    The fuck is this shit…

  • Mohawk

    stop wasting our time nintendo, we want a game where we can travel to region to region to region and catch all pokemon in one game no matter how hard it maybe

  • Sassyhammy4

    this may be fake but if not then it’s a pokemon game that is seperate from the regional games like for example pokemon trozei I think its spelled