1985 Nintendo NES Deluxe Set NIB VGA 85 (NYC Test Market Edition)

“This is a brand new, complete Deluxe Set with console, Rob, Duck Hunt and Gyromite. It’s  from the first release of the system, which is indicated by the lack of of later “Deluxe” print on the side of the box.”

“While the NYC Test Market origin is the general consensus in some collecting communities, I personally side with those who think it is just a plain old box revision. A test market is 10,000 units tops and the system box shows up once a week. Really though, the origin is not that relevant to the auction.”

“Fact is, it’s bloody rare in this condition. The Duck Hunt and Gyromite contained within are presumably sticker sealed and pristine – easily fetching $1,000 each on their own.”

Original Commercial

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