The Legend of Zelda: Skyword Sword – Major Glitch (Spoilers)

The Legend of Zelda: Skyword Sword – Major Glitch (Spoilers)

When battling the boss (Abyssal Leviathan – “Tentalus”) after going after Nayru’s Flame on the Sandship I encountered a glitch.

What should happen is that Tentalus should knock the ship in such a way that the block falls down and Link can climb to the upper deck for the final moments of the battle.

When I captured this footage, that never happened. Essentially the game kicked into the final stages of the battle before moving to the top, which lead to a stalemate.

I believe this occurred because I kept using my Bow/Arrow to hit his eye when he fell instead of my sword.

I’m fortunate that I save a lot, so I had to reset the Wii and do it all over. If you did not save during the Sandship stage or prior… ouch.

Normal Boss Battle:
You’ll notice how the battle moves to the upper deck around 5:20 after using the sword.'

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  • gashi

    Hmm…I used the bow too and didn’t glitch, only in the boss rush mode my brother said to me I could use the sword to hit his eyes.

    • hey_suburbia

      Hmm, I thought that may have been the cause of the glitch… I’m not quite sure how I got him to freeze.  I think maybe by chopping off his tentacles before hitting his eye??