Officially Licensed Nintendo 3DS Headset is Coming!

If you are like me, you may have discovered that your Nintendo DS headset will not work on the Nintendo 3DS. Even though there are not too many titles that use voice-chat, it was still a bit of a shock. Well, fear not, because an officially licensed headset has popped up on for release on November 4 in Europe. There is no word on a North American release just yet, though. The device seems to be made by a company called PowerA and will retail for somewhere around £17.99 to £24.99.

A top-notch video game experience deserves audio quality to match, and the Stereo & Chat Headset for Nintendo 3DS fits the bill. It offers great sound quality for games, music and video. One-click music control with the inline remote and a detachable mic boom put the power in your hands, and the fold-flat design lets you easily store the Stereo & Chat Headset when you’re on the road. That leaves your hands free for other things – like gaming! PowerA accessories are made to the exact specifications of your console. All products meet or exceed Nintendo’s standards for quality and safety. Enhance your gaming experience with cool characters, sleek styles, and superior functionality.


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  • coffeewithgames

    Interesting, but I’m glad to know it’s possible and will be happening…even if it’s only in Europe for the moment.  Now, if Nintendo could do a “Wii Speak” sort of channel on the 3DS, that allowed chatting while playing different games…cross-gaming chat…that would be really cool.

    • Jeremy Hardin

      I never understood why the 3ds has such weak speakers.  Hopefully, they will bring these to North America.  Although, what I really want is some kind of grip attachment with better speakers.  Here is something Nyko is working on that is what I’m looking for…

      • Steve (hattrick)

        I checked that out at E3, Jeremy. (forgot to do that write-up… oops)

        It does sound better. And it adds more protection.

        I just hope, like Coffee, that this means more support for voice-chat in games and maybe a special chat channel…maybe built into friends list??

        • Jeremy Hardin

          Oh that’s cool, I’m glad to hear that it does sound better! Plus, it’s always good to have added protection.

          I would really, really appreciate some voice-chat in games.  Even better, I like your idea of a special chat channel.  I never even thought that far ahead, I just always thought it would be nice to have an IM application built into the friends list, but voice chat would be much better.  Hey, why not both?

  • Ghost

    this should come to north america because of heroes of ruin it has voice chat

    • Jeremy Hardin

      That’s a perfect example of why it should come to North America.  I wonder how good the voice chat quality will be in Heroes of Ruin? Heck, any 3DS game at that.

  • Anthony

    this is a simple devise i am sure they will come up with better things for the 3ds