Shield Post tech demo (Wii U) – Hands-On First Impressions

Another Wii U tech demo available at E3 2011 was “Shield Pose.” In this rhythm based game, you must block shots from enemy pirate ships in front of you, to your left, and to your right. You must time it correctly and also be in the right spot. As soon as I got my hands on it, I realized that it was a great demo of how the new Wii U controller can show you a full 360 degree view of the game. In this demo, the screen showed your own boat. In the end, the demo was surprisingly fun, and I found myself wanting to play it again in order to get a better score. I can definitely see this being worked into a Wii U version of Rhythm Heaven or something like it.

Below, you can view my entire play-through — bad dancing and all.

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  • DarkWish

    Haha both you and the Nintendo rep were getting into the music. Looks like fun!

  • copie borse pelle

    It feels great and I hope to take a shot.