The Adventures of TinTin (3DS) – Hands-On First Impressions

While searching the E3 2011 show floor, I ran across a Nintendo 3DS game from Ubisoft called “Adventures of TinTin.” Quite honestly, I had no idea what this was about (sorry, fans; hold back the flames) or what I was doing, and that never changed during my ten minutes of play. Apparently, it follows the movie, which is made my Nickelodeon. I was a kid in a cavern beating up everyone I saw, which was not very many. The big thing is that I would not simply punch them; instead, I would bash their heads on the ground or throw them over cliffs. I guess this game is about exploration, as it fits with the cavern feel, but I was not impressed. And the battle system did not look like it fit a game based off a kids’ movie. I know this was a demo, but at one point, the camera chopped the bottom half of my body off. I couldn’t see where I was walking. The representatives did not know what to do either. Also, I found that holding R and L together sends the game into some debug mode, where I could move my character anywhere. This was great for checking out more of the level without actually playing it.

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