Sonic Colors – Info from E3 “Behind Closed Doors” Interview

E3 2010 has come and gone. However, we are not quite done sharing information. Both hey_suburbia and I were able to get 2 behind closed door interviews. The first was with the game Sonic Colors. Lead developer, Takashi Iizuka explained the game and answered a few questions.  Below is a list of the information we learned about Sonic Colors.

Wii Version

  • Follows Sonic Unleashed.
  • Gains color-associated powers (Wisps).
  • Sonic is the only playable character.
  • Eggman puts a theme park in space, which is where the game’s levels are located. It includes 7 planets, 1 satellite, and Eggman’s ship.
  • The writers are American.
  • Act 1 takes place in a tropical resort and starts off in 3D.
  • The game will have the same moveset as Unleashed.
  • The boost gage will be filled from Wisps, not rings.
  • To activate the purple powered Wisp, you will shake the Wii Remote.
  • There is a maximum of 99 rings you can collect at one time (noticed as Iizuka played).
  • You will unlock more Wisp powers as you progress.
  • The music is bright and colorful, unlike other 3D Sonic games, and closer to 2D Sonics.
  • Each color power allows you to reach other areas from previous levels, increasing the replayability.
  • The second stage in Act 1 is Sweet Mountain.
  • 20+ hours of gameplay.
  • 6+ Wisp color powers.
  • Tails and Eggman seen, but not playable.
  • Roughly 50/50 on 2D and 3D gameplay.

DS Version

  • Similar to Sonic Rush gameplay and style.
  • Some Wisp color powers overlap from Wii version, but not all; some are DS-exclusive.
  • Knuckles and Amy seen, but not playable.

Overall Info

  • Holiday 2010 release for both games.
  • When asked why the developers picked Wii and DS, they answered: “Sonic is most successful on Nintendo platforms, and it is better for the developers to focus on one console. That makes for a better game.”

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