Play as Megaman, Link, Samus in Super Mario Bros. [flash game]

Super Mario Bros Crossover is a flash game that recreates the original Super Mario Bros for Nintendo and allows you to play it as characters from other classic Nintendo games. It is a tribute to classic NES games and anyone that grew up playing Nintendo should enjoy it.

How to play with a gamepad'

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  • greggsmith

    If you play this game, play it from it's original location that the author owns to help support him at

    • hey_suburbia

      I have it linking to that site. The image above is just a still it's not an embedded .swf, clicking on the image brings you to

      • darkraza

        If you visit the site of the actual creator ( ) it says that that site is fake, and is just someone trying to make money off ads using the game…
        You can also go to and check out the game there, there you have proof that exploding rabbit is the creator of the game and everything…

  • super