New Super Mario Bros. Wii – Cheats – 99 Lives

I remember it just like it was yesterday. The rumor in 1986 that went around the school yard and passed from kid to kid during the summer. The rumor was said to get an infinite amount of lives in Super Mario Bros. for the NES. Very few could master it, and whoever could pull off the feet was king for the day. Nintendo really kept New Super Mario Bros. Wii old school by using one of the most classic cheats (skills?) in the Mario Bros. franchise. The guys over at GT found the same trick in the New Super Mario Bros. Wii to get 99 lives, the only difference is that the lives are numerical who as in the NES version you got weird symbols to represent your lives

After watching the video above, check out the same exact trick done 23 years ago, in this YouTube clip of somebody doing this in the original Super Mario Bros.

NEW Super Mario Galaxy 2 – Cheats – Infinite Lives

Go to the “Supermassive Galaxy”. There are 3 Koopa Troopas in a cylindrical area. Then run to the right and a make a long jump to land over the giant Koopas shell, and gradually keep right (you can release A button). You´ll get unlimited extra lives for free!

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  • shanoboy

    Ha, I can’t wait to go home and try that one out. I forgot all about that old trick.

    So what was up with mario not having his hat later on in the video?

  • ViperJoe

    There’s actually PLENTY of ways to get 99 lives in this new game. I’m pretty sure there’s many videos in the game you can buy with your Star Coins to watch exactly how to do them. This one may be the easiest though.

  • Tanshin

    @shanoboy: Mario looses his hat when you have 99 lives. When you lose one, the hat returns. It’s probably some form of bizarre reference to SM64.

  • Glenn

    I can not seem to do this, any hints? I seem to be jumping on it to early

  • mastergammer

    the easytest way of getting 99 lives is to go onto 1-1(first world first level)this is also the place where you get the fly guy’s. the first one is a bit after the checkpoint you should have a red ring near the top somewhere but if you get all eight you should get a level up and then there should be the spinning ground wherethe last tubb is before the pole. if you go in that BUT DONT GO INTO THE TUBB JUST WALK INTO THE HOLE wait a couple of seconds till it goes under the ground and there should be a little space where theres alot of coins and THREE!! level ups. THE LAST LEVEL UP IS when you go to the pole at the end of the lv. if you have the flying mushroom you could fly up to the tip of the pole and get a lv up that way.(hope that helped)if you need more info plz email me at [email protected]

  • mastergammer

    srry ok at the end of the lv you know how theres the part on the ground that is spinning. ya well if you go back one there should be another one where there is a tubb. if you walk into it BUT DONT PUSH DOWN!and wait long enough it should go into that mode where it looks like a wall but when you go into it theres a little ring around it ya then you get out there.

  • mastergammer

    around you ya then you get out there

  • http://none sarahvixen

    You can also get alot of men in the ghost house in world 4. When you go to the part with the rats if you sre freeze mario then you can turn one of the rats into an ice block and carry it all the way to the end while you keep making the rats go back and let it go when you reach the last set of stairs you can get like 20 1-ups each time.

  • http://jack KIBRIYAA ASLAAN

    does it work!

    get more cheats!

  • devils_nightmare

    this used to be called “turtle tipping” bring the phrase back from the grave!!!!!

  • demi


  • No Name

    Where did his hat go????

  • hey_suburbia

    @No Name.

    It’s an Easter Egg, after 99 Lives Mario appears without his hat.

  • http://youtube 21

    every one go and type up cheat planet because it tells you all the cheats for any games trust me its the best

  • Chazzy

    OMG i never new i must try this now tat is the exsact level i am on lol !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • gdfgd

    omg this is so difficult ;/

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  • how to softmod wii

    Haha that is awesome, I'm gonna go try it out.

  • Frogger

    that is fucking awesome

    • 2002billy


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  • Pokemon_whiss

    i’ve tried this over and over again but it will not work, alls mario does is kick the shell away. no matter what i’ve tried it will not work at all.

    • billy

      shut up idiot

      • 2002billy


    • Guest

      I can’t get mario to do the lives thing. All he does is kick the shell away. Iv’e tried so many times!!!

      • Random

        Really? i suck so much i cant even get past the first minion in world 1 😛 too hard i never make it grr

  • Iva Graap

    Many thanks for this awesome article. I’ve read id for some months now and maybe they are always very informative. Thanks!

  • Wonbin

    u cool

    • Bau

      you should stand precisely on the good way than it will work

    • Bau

      you should stand precisely on the good way than it will work

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  • Andychung05

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  • Andychung05


  • Jack Murray

    holy shit it works that sick

  • 123 Ie


  • 123 Ie

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  • yo

    this is peice of ass fuck ive tried this like 900 times and all mario is fucking does is either pick up the shell or kick it away like a fucking dumbass i think it would be easier to stick my dick in a pencil sharpener i just stopped trying after a while because it was just pissing me off this is just ass i would rather glue my ass cheeks shut then try this cheat again i would rather eat buffalo dick smothered in horse diarreha then try getting 99 peices of shit anymore

    • Josh Nesbit

      Umad bro?

  • Ultimategohanjr

    it f***ing works

    • Ultimategohanjr

      sorry for doing that

    • John Austin Roe

      my brother matthew posted this im sorry for the bad word

  • Jacksonjm

    u suck

  • River Rideau

    i already have 99 lives and i havent even done the stupid cheat

  • John Roe


  • Littlebits2409

    You guys are lamee ! quit posting random shit ! 

  • zak


  • Justmerkle9

    shut ht fuck up yall r just mad bitch

  • Bonkers

    I got 99 Lives WITHOUT cheats. Easy as bro!!!!