Zelda Wii artwork released

During a round-table discussion on Tuesday, Miyamoto revealed that Nintendo is working on a new Zelda title for the Wii.  However, they did not want to show anything at their press conference, unless they had actual game footage.  Since that was not the case, he instead revealed a photo to the press in this roundtable.  That photo has now been released.


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  • Shazard

    She’s obviously the master sword. I bet she transforms into the boomerang, hammer, bow, etc.

  • http://pocketsurferweb Pocketsurfer

    Will be worth trying this looks amazing

  • Epicpiff

    Shazard seems right considering he is empty handed… but is it me or does this Link look… like a step backwards?

    Explanation: The in front looks very clean and new, this makes Link’s design look… well, for lack of a better phrase “90′s-ish.” A SLIGHT refresh would be lovely, maybe longer sleeves and tunic…In all honest with these more “realistic” graphics, Link looks like a dork ._.

  • technogeek

    I’m so happy i could cry right now ^_^

  • Shazard

    Epicpiff- I know what you mean, Link looks a bit simlified, but we’ll just have to wait for the in-game model.

    technogeek- hahaha, no one tortures their fans like nintendo huh? then again no one is rewarded like nintendo fans. what other game in the entire industry can you get excited from a single piece of artwork? none. Damn this game is gonna be epic, and u know their shooting for best zelda game ever, which translates to best game ever.

  • WEEGEE!!!

    @Shazard maybe he doesnt need the master sword

  • Mack2D2

    speculation shmeculation… can’t wait for some real Zelda news because until then, this is all a waste of brain power trying to play guessing games off an image that looks like an 8th graders acrylics painting.

  • Malu CLBS

    She looks A LOT like the fairy from Wind Waker.

  • James Harris

    The blue figured girls characteristics seem to resemble the Master Sword perfectly. My speculation is that the master swords “spirit” ( or something similar ) is a key factor to the plot of the story. Obviously many other fans have seen the same thing. Think about this ~ The Hyrulian crest on the Hylian shield shows the Triforce but also another upside down piece at the bottom. This mystery triangle has never been discussed in the zelda series. Farore of Courage, Din of Power, Nayru of Wisdom created the land of Hyrule, could the Master Sword’s spirit be the Goddess of Time?, left in the Temple of Time for each generation of the “The Hero of Time”. Possibly even creating a “Quadra~Force”. This may seem far fetched but it fits the pic…alot. Im guessing the passage of time will be influenced more in this game aswell as the Ocarina of Time. You’ve gotta beleive me people, this “unkown” figure is the Master Sword. These ideas are only “ideas” but take them into thought and dig for the gold.

  • skunkchop

    Fantastic insight and prediction, James Harris!

  • helena

    I hope his horse will be in it i like the horseback fighting :D