Kingdom Hearts III for Wii (April Fools!)


I was enjoying one of my usual bouts of insomnia last night when I saw that my Square Enix RSS widget had updated. “SQUARE ENIX ANNOUNCES KINGDOM HEARTS III RELEASE DATE”, it said. That, of course, was the only thing that could possibly convince me to buy a PS3, so I opened up the article and took a look.

Well… here is the first paragraph:

LOS ANGELES and CALABASAS, Calif. (March 31, 2009)Square Enix, Inc., the publisher of Square Enix® interactive entertainment products in North America (Square Enix), and Disney Interactive Studios® announces today the release date for KINDGDOM HEARTS III. The latest title in one of Square Enix’s most popular franchises will be available in December 2009 exclusively on the Wii home video game console. Additionally, the release of KINGDOM HEARTS III has been confirmed for a North American release in 2010.

This is what countless Kingdom Hearts fans have been dreaming of! Check out the original article here.

I guess Famitsu was correct when they said Square Enix would have an announcement this week.  Click here for GoNintendo’s article concerning this.

The following is a mock-up found online for a Wii boxart.  It is not the real boxart, as the game has just been announced.


About the author:

I am SirVenom, and that is all anyone needs to know.

SirVenom – who has written posts on NintendoFuse.

  • hattrick

    Yeah, I remember reading that somewhere. This is awesome! I’ve never played KH, but this may convince me!

  • hattrick

    Here’s where I read it.

  • DarkWish

    Square-Enix said last week they were going to make a KH announcement next week, and I didn’t think much of it at the time. I’m glad I was wrong, this is great news!

  • AL3X_M

    That’s not fair, Yuu guys are pranking too early…

    April is not for another 2 hours since that was posted =[

    Had me convinced though!

  • mike

    April Fools come on you guys are lame

  • Shazard

    I know its april fools, but i still want to believe:(

  • 0w3d4life

    is this an april fools joke…

  • Carlos

    This is a april fool joke.No way in hell this is real!

  • Faeker

    har har.

  • Rob

    April Fools..? Also, that last link doesn’t work. Fake link, I’m guessing.

  • Luke

    Nice try.

  • SirVenom

    Hm, link is dead for some reason. I will try to find out why.

  • SirVenom


    “That’s not fair, Yuu guys are pranking too early…

    April is not for another 2 hours since that was posted =[

    Had me convinced though!”

    Ha, actually the time was fake. I posted it after midnight and changed the time so people would be caught off-guard =P


    “April Fools..? Also, that last link doesn’t work. Fake link, I’m guessing.”

    No, it’s a real link. The entire server it was hosted on went down a few hours ago x_x

  • Charmy

    Aww, it would’ve been so perfect if the link worked.

    Let’s get started on next year! >D

  • SirVenom

    I already have ideas =P

    The server *should* be up soon, so there may be some more April Fools yet.

  • Charmy

    Oooh, tell me. This time we can get a good headstart, and maybe even top IGN’s Zelda movie! >D

    Nice, I sure hope so.

    Also, did you make the boxart? If not, where did you get it?

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  • Thor

    Totally a joke. The person who made that cover art posted it quite some time ago.

  • Charmy

    Thor Says: “Totally a joke. The person who made that cover art posted it quite some time ago.”

    Wow. You’re a genius.

  • Charmy

    Hey all! The link is back up, go check out what could’ve been.

  • kairi


  • http://? elias


  • poop2loop

    this better not be a april fools joke. i’d kill the person. plus, add to my name and you’ll have my email address!

  • Kimi

    Really That isn’t funny At For those who like Kingdom Hearts and want the third 1… NOT FUNNY!!!! XC

  • Immanuel

    is there going to be kingdom hearts 3 on wii or not

  • william

    Kingdom hearts 3 ish rely cominq out 4 dha wii. :] im such a big fan of it.

  • Jonny

    This is a joke, if u look at the web address, square enix is missing a ‘e’in ‘square’. However, its cleverly made, the fake site is made to Link to the real site.

  • Matt M.


  • SirVenom

    Ok, now I feel guilty.

    I will confirm that this IS an April Fools joke. THIS IS NOT REAL, so don’t expect it to come out on Wii.

    Jonny – Thanks, and kudos to noticing the liberties I had to take in making the URL.

  • OBin

    It has a major type-o though but that doesnt mean its fake it may really be real

  • C Man

    Yes i know this is fake. Even with the graphics of the wii lower than the play station(the most likeley system it’ll come out on) i think it would work great with the wii mote. I realy hope they can get a deal to were bolth systems have this game

  • SirVenom

    @ OBin –

    No, it is 100% fake. I know this because I made the website myself. If you look closely, the website URL is I put the typo in the link because was already taken.

    All of the buttons redirect to the official Square-Enix website.

  • hattrick

    I can’t believe people don’t read. They comment how this has to be fake and all, and yet we told them right at the top that this was an April Fools joke…and we state that the boxart is only a mock-up and not real (even before we admitted to the AF joke). Wow… LOL

  • Xirian

    LOL The boxart is incredibly convincing, though. It passes as the real cover if the game is going to be released for the wii. xD

    This made a huge impact on KH fans… and an awesome April Fools Day joke, too! =))

  • volick


  • Carman Mascio

    Sorry, aber das bezweifel ich ganz stark…

  • Peter


  • fonske vandekavije

    when comes the game out in belgium
    greetings from belgium

  • .

    Hey, when does it come out in the UK? I can’t wait!!! 😀

    • hattrick

      Oh, I’m sorry. Please refer to the article again. It was our April Fools joke in 2009.

      However, they have said that there will not be a Kingdom Hearts 3, but instead other games. We’ll see what that means I guess…

  • madelyn

    took em long enough
    im sooooo happy its coming out on my birth day :)

    • hattrick

      Sorry to tell ya, but this isn't going to happen. It was our April Fools joke from 2009.

      • Sweepy

        Lol how many times are you gonna tell them it was an april fools joke? Read the psot people. Though that was a good one my friends and I were freaking out until we found out it was fake.^-^

  • jaleningram

    I want the first one on wii

  • derek

    crappy graphics makes the game not worth playing, no matter how good a theme or story it has

    • logan

      ps2 has worse graphics and it looked just fine on there

      • Chloe

        does not! bUT whatever, I think it looks just fine on the ps2.

    • hattrick

      This was an APRIL FOOLS joke…

  • tbnice100

    this case looks fake however it would be great if kingdom hearts came out on wii

    • hattrick

      We stated the box/case was fake.

  • Ken

    That's stupid, don't mess with us like that, I bet some video gamers really like the KH games

  • Chloe(:

    Well, I don't know what to believe whether that is fake or not.
    I hope it's real, and if it is, it better have good graphics.

    • hattrick

      Ummm… Did you not read the post? We stated it was fake. It was our April Fools joke from 2009.

      • unhappy with you

        not funny..

  • Avvie

    It's quite impressive that you would go so far to make a cover for it. I'm impressed. (But oh, so so glad it's not real)

  • frogman84

    wait is this game real or not

  • frogman84

    is this game real or not

    • hey_suburbia

      It is NOT real. We posted this as an April Fools Joke.

  • kai-li

    kingdom heartsROCKS!!

  • Jody

    oooohmygod I'm so excited.
    I can't wait to play Kingdom Heart again.
    The last time I played it was like 2 years ago.
    when my playstation 2 did work.
    The laser is broken.
    however I can't wait!

  • Jody

    oh its fake?

  • Jeff

    can't wait for rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!oh wait it's fake

  • Arya_arban

    listen i no it is coming i practically made the game

  • SorA

    that is not Kingdom Hearts 3 the next Kingdom Hearts is Birth By Sleep is # 3 I know because my sister is a video game tester and she said number 3 is coming out you can all ready pre-order it

  • AxelgompsRoxas

    okay how stupid are u ppl? kh2 final mix ended with secret cuts sense that shows on a basic lvl the beginning of birth by sleep birth by sleep = kh3 got it memorize? good now stfu about the wii, wii is dumb

    • hattrick

      @ AxelgompsRoxas – So, why are you hear reading this on a Wii site? lol. No offense. It just didn’t make sense.

      Anyways, this is JUST an April Fools joke!

  • SirVenom

    Sorry, but as Hattrick is trying so hard to tell you guys (and as the above AND linked article state), this is absolutely fake. I created the linked site, and at the bottom is an “APRIL FOOLS” disclaimer and a link to a feedback page. Even ignoring that, the article title clearly says that it is clearly an April Fools joke.

  • A2601181

    KH:BBS isn't officially KH3 as KH3 will make itself known as KH3 =)

    • Sam

      Kingdom Hearts 3 is going to be on PS3, development starts after Square and Disney finish the Kingdom Hearts game for the Nintendo 3DS, so we may see Kingdom Hearts in 2013 or the end of the PS3s life Span. Who knows it should be even closer.

  • Living_the_dream322

    Your all lame Kingdom Hearts went to Nintendo and it sucked the controls were shitty and wtf was up with COM the card system are you f@#king kidding me? KH needs to stay on Playstation and Birth by Sleep is killer. F@#$k Wii.

  • Zebratron

    what a bitch.

  • KairiluvsSora

    oh come on! i have been waiting 4ever 4 this game to come out, especially the cliff hanger at the end of KH 2! why won’t they say it will come maybe somewhere in 2011. i can wait that long, its just that we fans don’t want buts and lies, make the game already!!!!

  • Musikdiba3245

    now thats awsome

  • Bleach

    kingdom herats for wiwil goood controls but if you say that the controls are like that then dont buy the game you broke ass bitch

  • kingdom hearts fan

    wow i hope that they don’t put the kh3 on fuckin wii i will be so pissed it needs to got to ps3 come on pple wat the hell r u thinking

    • Hotrod2397

      Im thinking that a lot of people can’t aford to buy ps3s you dumb f*** so mabye you should quit whining and shut the f*** up

  • RadientGarned

    I rather have it on ps2. because obviously everyone who played kingdom hearts has a ps2 because thats where the first 2 games were…

  • This is me

    I think that this was an April fools joke

    • KeyBladeWars

      Duuuuh! Where have u been

  • Christianhillis

    awwww, I loved it on the play station2 :(

  • KHnumberonefan

    If you couldn’t tell, this was a joke…stop getting hyped up, and stop getting mad that it’s on the’s not happening…at least not yet. Square Enix has already said that they wanted to finish FF XIII Versus before they will announce whether or not they have plans for a KH3 game, which would most likely be published on the ps3. It’s not going to be on the ps2 obviously, and next gen game stations are probably still too far off in the future for them to be making games for it yet. Besides, nintendo will lead the charge into next gen, not sony or micro.

    • sora keyblade 6

       shut up stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Thalia

    ….. So there’s not gonna be a Kingdom Hearts Wii series?

  • Karmarmya

    i like that it AL begins, if it al(l) began, who knows what might happen? square enix might be sued by merriam webster! i wonder how many people that box fooled…

  • Kawaiixiii

    Omg I hate you

  • Ugb8yb

    Im gonna kill you all <_>

  • Enraged Person


  • ventus

    i love kingdom hearts! i beat: kh1,kh2,birth by sleep,chain of memories,keyblade wars 1, 2 and 3!!!

    • Sydney Boswell

      Get real KeyBladeWars wasn’t made

  • Wvgirl_ryb

    but i totally saw a trailer for a new kingdom hearts that wasnt re:coded OR 358/2 days, ANYWAY i started loving kingdom hearts late in the series of the game i didnt play the first one but did play the second and 358/2 days and i just got re:coded, none of the others though can someone give me a list of ALL the kingdom hearts or kingdom hearts related games please??? im so lost i need to play them all!!!

    • Rygel

      In Order:

      Kingdom Hearts
      Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories
      Kingdom Hearts 2
      Kingdom Hearts: 352/2 Days ( actually happens between Chain of Memories and 2, but is meant to be played after 2)
      Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep ( Prequel, but is Released next in the series )
      Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded ( Happens after the events of Kingdom Hearts 2 )

      Kingdom Hearts 3 has been officially announced for the PS3, released date is unknown, but Square Enix mentioned starting to work on it after Final Fantasy 14 and Final Fantasy 13 Verses, or whatever.

      If you want info, you can see whatever on this site:

  • sora_kari

    Screw this Wii nonsense. bring Kingdom hearts back where it belongs. of of these horrible game systems and onto PS3!!!!!!! Wii is crap, and i can say that because I have all three systems. PS3 is the best. the wii remote is Crap!!!!!

    • Hotrod2397

      Ok first of all if you can’t spell kairi right ur a dumb f*** and I hope it comes out on the wii just so ull cry to mommy like the b**** that you are screw ps3 but not xbox or the wii

      • Alexanderramirez

        rock on wii ruls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • syuyu

    dont dis the wii man

  • Kerryailie

    It is so so so cool and so so so awesom and i LOVE it !!!!!!!!

  • Xemnas

    i really hope they make the KH3 (Kingdo Hearts III) on the Wii because my parrents wont let me buy a PS3 for this game, and I really want this game. As all kingdom hearts fans, make KH3 fr wii! there was never once a wii KH game, and it would be to test the KH3 game for the FIRST kingdom hearts game for the wii ever!
    if you agree with me, you might get a KH3 on wii ^^

    • Alexanderramirez

      you know xemnas it should come out on wii because i can’t aford a ps3 i never liked the playstation kindom hearts is the best game ever and im only 9 years old!!!!!!!!

  • Travis D Jones

    its about time they bring it to wii kingdom hearts is the best game ever

  • Epickeybladeknight

    no way not going to happen this might be an epic fail but keep kingdom hearts where it belongs…on the playstation. or put it on xbox 360 so we can play the kingdom hearts game for kinect.

    • Syn

      This is long delayed…But seriously dude? You want to diss the wii’s use of motion sensing but yet are praising the 360’s Kinect? Get real dude. Also just because the wii doesnt have the graphics capabilitys doesnt mean good games cant be made for it. Games should NEVER be based on graphics, They should be based on story and gameplay. Many games are great on the Wii and i can see Kingdom Hearts doing really well on it (If it were true, Which obviously its not). 

  • Reona Fox

    It should definitely come out for Wii! Putting it on the PS3 would be ridiculous and Kinect?! Really?! That’d be the worst KH game in the history of KH games and that’s only because of the crappy gameplay. If they do put it on Wii, they should make the game play/Remote like LoZ: TP

  • Awesomecakeme

    please let it come out on the wii… I don’t have a ps3 xD

  • keyblade123

    to all you fucking wii haters i hope it is i mean they alreadly did two kh games with nintendo so they might as well put it on wii fuck ps3 and fuck that dumbass kinect that shit is dumb kinect makes no sense it would be cool on wii you swing the wii mote and you swing a keyblade thats decent i mean if it does comes out on ps3 ill get a ps3 and buy it but numora alreadly said he likes the idea of it being on wii i like the idea to i hope comes out on wii i have have all the kh games the only one im missing it birth by sleep but ive seen the gameplay and cutscenes on youtube to know whats going on but yeah put it on wii fuck the other systems nintendo has been here before them and nintendo has alot to offer!!!!

    • bvgftr

      y r wii haters even here

  • Tallulahkitten

    never for the wii. Wii sucks! Ps3 only 😛

  • Kjj124

    To all of the idiots still commenting on this and praising the wii. The wii’s graphics are nothing compared to playstation 3. The controller would not work with the kingdom hearts series because there is more than just swinging a keyblade. With the wiimote and nunchuk, there would be no easy way to maneuver through all of the magic and items that are essential to the kingdom hearts series. 360 lovers, kinect is a stupid gimmick. Hello! It’s called eye toy. Playstation had that way before and it sucked but at least they’ve moved forward. And i’m not gonna say much about the move because even though it’s the better of the three, it still isn’t the way this game is meant to be played. The classic playstation dualshock is the only way this game will do well on home consoles. And fyi. This article says it’s coming out in still believe you’re getting your wii exclusive kingdom hearts? if so, then you’re delusional.

    • Hotrod2397

      Gay wad son of a b**** : ( your a gay little nerd

    • KH<3

      they are trying to decide whether or not to put it on wii. i agree that ps3 has way better graphics and as much as i would love to play it on a ps3 not everyone can afford to get a ps3 out of th blue to play kh3. it wouldnt be a wise marketing choice to have it only on ps3 since more people have wii’s

    • gamr13

      i agree with you 100%

    • ffffyuyu


    • ffffyuyu

      only better thing in my opinion is the graphics

  • Megawolf100

    So is going to really be on Wii?

    • hattrick

      Please refer to the VERY TOP of the post. You will find your answer there.

  • Guest

    duh this brings a challenge to gaming and the Wii itself the idiot that calls idiots idiots what is gaming if its all easy and boreing

  • Anonymous

    I can’t believe so many of you are still posting on this article 😀

    • Sydney Boswell


  • Hotrod2397

    Wth square enix never provided a commercial about this it has to be a hoax and to those who say play station is better ur gay yes that means u kjj

    • 3deededw2w

      HAHAHAHA!!!! you wish dude. the wii can suck the fatest part of my ass!!

  • Gabrielle027-kidawesome

    Awesome finally we get to play kingdom hearts 3!!!!!!!!!

    • sora keblade 6

      I know right

  • Ekrolak1983

    And that is the reason I will not buy it. how in the heck did nintendo end up with the game post kingdom hearts 2

    • Anonymous

      This was a hoax from over two years ago :p

      • Sydney Boswell

        Same here I can’t believe these idiots! How stupid can u get!

  • sora keblade 6

    it better come on wii.i will freak out if it doesnt

    • Kaz

      Dude its 100 percent confirmed that it’s not gonna come out on wii.

      • KH<3

        you are sooooo wrong i hope u realize that

        • gamr13

          nope Kaz is 100% correct it will not ever or at-leased for a long long time plus the original kh series 1 and 2 are ONLY PlayStation so kh3 will MORE than LIKELY to be ONLY on PS3

  • Ps3awesome

    fucking son of a bitch, u wronf like hell

  • Random


  • KingdomHeartsGirl


  • Sikota

    Yeah, no. It’s 2012 and the WiiU’s coming

  • FrostyC

    so… “IT AL BEGINS” lmao typos… Who was dumb enough to believe this shit?

  • FrostyC

    But PS3 haz no gaems,

  • ThisGuysMadBro

    I personally bought a PS3 to play this game when it releases. if for some strange reason it does come out on the wii (and this is coming from a guy who really likes the wii) ill buy it just to break it in half, shove it into my wii console and throw the console out into the street to run it over with every car i have parked in my drive way. why so extreme? why so stupid? why so mad bro? well ill tell ya why….BECAUSE THATS NOT THE CONSOLE I VISIONED THIS GAME TO BE ON DAMMIT!!!

    • KeyBladeWars

      Omfg get real dude u prob won’t because for one that a waste of good money to buy of ur whore

  • KH<3

    kingdom hearts 3 will probably come out on both Nintendo wii and PS3. it wouls be very unwise not to do that. i mean not many people can afford to get a ps3 all of the sudden when the game comes out. it probably wont come out for xbox 360 though. and the guy who said that it has already been confirmed that it isn’t coming out for wii… u r a liar and an idiot. read the interviews with the developer. they are trying to decide whether or not to have it on multiple systems. which would be a wise decision. although honestly it would be better on ps3. they have much better graphics

  • Sydney Boswell

    For all of u IDIOTS out there who don’t no this already but it not coming out for wii or ps3. It came out already this summer on 3ds. For others let me spell it out for u…..we…..we’re ……smart …….and…..created …….the …….3……d…..s!

    • Michael

      the creators were talking about making a new kingdom hearts 3 to either be on another console or to play more in the series. (cant remember which one)

  • OblivionxOathkeeper

    lol 2009-2010 ? hey were 2012 now :)

  • OblivionxOathkeeper

    though the box looks nice enough :O

  • Sammy babe


  • nate

    i hope it is on the wii then im buyin 10 copies

  • pokemonx84

    that looks fake

  • Faust

    XD Dat fake

  • bekah

    NO PLEASE NO NOT THE WII (I LOVE THE WII) BUT PLEASE NO it will just change the game to much its not ment to be on a wii remote and honestly i really dont think it will get on wii just because of whats going on with the 1.5 remix coming out at the end of the year