Digiwi: Wii Composite Cables to Digital HDMI 720p


Digiwi has been verified to convert composite signals from the analog composite Wii cables to digital HDMI 720p!
Finally Wii owners can play their Wii on digital TV’s and experience the depth of colors and detail only available through digital HDMI.

There is also a component to HDMI adapter, both sell for 77$:

In an email I asked if they had any comparison screens, none yet, but I was told:
” This upconverts beautifully from composite analog (the lowest interlaced video signal) to HDMI. Component YPbPr Video has HD capabilities but is an analog signal. The DigiWi / DigiBox also converts analog to digital 720 progressive.
We expect reviews soon.”




About the author:

Mickey – who has written posts on NintendoFuse.

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  • WakeFrog

    Definitely try to get some comparison screens up as soon as they’re available. I have component cables at the moment which only allow the maximum of 480p at the moment. If there’s enough of a difference between my setup and the 720p claimed, I’ll buy it.


  • James

    This just allows the Wii to connect via HDMI, it’s not going to give you a 720p signal it will just upscale everything.

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  • http://wiinintendo.net/ hey_suburbia

    James is correct.

  • http://quoththeravings.blogspot.com Rob

    So does this improve the graphics at all?

  • nils

    My god the ignorance, this will just upscale everything, no new color or detail will emerge.

    • http://wiinintendo.net/ hey_suburbia

      If you read the post, it clearly states that it will upscale everything. It doesn’t say anything about AWESOME SUPER FUN TIME GRAPHICS!

      Also, this address’s a very specific problem that I’ve been asked and that is:

      From an email three days ago:
      I need a Wii cable that converts Wii’s out put cable to an hdmi cable…will this cable solve my video and audio input issues on my Vizio TV set?…Shortest cable possible because the Wii cable is all ready adequate length. Thank you for information on this matter.


  • http://www.youtube.com/rothsothy Roth

    Be careful on how you use the term graphics since it’s really a dirty word that’s misused nowadays.

    But if by graphics you mean the engine that the game was built on, then of course no.

    But if graphics as in the video display quality, then yes it’s improved because it’s upscaling from 480P quality to have finer edges based on the HDMI interface. Regularly, the video is blurry when you maximize or zoom in on a 480i/480P display.

    The purpose of this product is so people can plug in their component equipment to monitors, that today, only has DVI and/or HDMI inputs.

    // Roth

  • Jamesjang

    Thanks to all. I have a ceiling mount projector with hidden HDMI to the revceiver/switcher and a 133″ screen. No way to connect the Wii was a drag till this advice. Thanks, I’m buying the DigiWi. Hope it’s easy to hook up.

  • Scwblood

    What about sound? does it transfer sound into the HDMI?

  • Hates All Online Smart asses

    @ Nils,

    You goddamn retard… learn some manners (Dum Svin!).

  • http://www.10mhdmicable.com Dorothea Ekman

    High definition multimedia interface Wires Hdmi can be a compact audio online video interface for transmitting uncompressed digital information. It represents a digital option to client analog criteria, for example radio frequency coaxial cable television, composite online video, S-Video, SCART, component movie, D-Terminal, or VGA.

  • Lciprich

    Maybe not, but if you have a laptop that you would like to use with your Wii when you travel, and your laptop only has an HDMI connection for a tv connection, and is Windows 7, 64 bit, so your old Pinnacle Linx USB to AV connector won’t work either, this seems like a viable solution.

  • Igraphix

    just buy a flat screen with composite inputs along with the hdmis like I did-  fantastic output on mine!!!  – Sid