James Bond 007: Quantum Of Solace, 10 min. Wii gameplay


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  • xero


  • http://www.ngize.com ChrisX

    yeah, I must admit, it’s looks pretty nice

  • I_am_me

    Looks like N64 graphics… not so pretty to me. I expected more from this game since it appears many 3rd parties are taking the wii more serious than before

  • yamiseto2

    To: I_am_me
    It’s because Youtube kills the quality of the video is why it looks like that. The game looks way better if in higher quality.

  • SirVenom

    Well, I don’t know what it really looks like, but that video is definitely not N64 quality. PS2, maybe, but definitely not blocky enough for N64.

  • http://wiinintendo.net/ hey_suburbia

    I just got done playing the first 3 levels of the game, I’d have to say it looks really good. Not amazing, but good. The controls are decent, but the biggest problem for me was the incredibly slow frame rate, it almost seemed to be running at 10fps at some points…

    Graphics: 8
    GamePlay: 5 (would be 8 if the framerate was up)
    Story/Fun: Factor 7.5
    Overall: 7.8

  • http://www.youtube.com/rothsothy Roth

    Do I hear a possible live feed? \:D/
    Seems like there are some technical problems, but I’d like to see how local multiplayer goes.

    // Roth