Podcast: The Wii-kly Fuse #9 – Rock Out Loud

This week, the podcast is on time and better than ever! Not only did we record our podcast last night, but we had our biggest podcast crew there to date. The crew consisted of me, queenzelda, Charmy, hey_suburbia (though we just called him Mickey the whole time), SirVenom, hattrick, and even MOMZ dropped by at the end. It seems the only person missing was mazer, who should be returning in a few weeks time hopefully. Anyways, we discussed a bunch of different topics and it was great to get various thoughts on them. And if you stick around for the end of the podcast, you’ll get to hear some especially good discussion, as well as MOMZ trying Wii Music for the first time. Check out a taste of what you can expect to hear below.

- Go over this week’s Wii, DS, and Wii Shop Channel releases, the Nintendo Channel updates for the week, as well as what we’ve been playing on Wii and DS
- SirVenom and hattrick make their podcast debut! Now our final podcast crew is set (and mazer shall join us once again in a few weeks time)
- We talk about the latest on E3 and E for All, the new firmware update, the “Let’s Play on Wii” games coming to the US, and more
- Don’t you just love leaks? Looks like Sega may be The Conduit’s publisher
- Is the excitement for the Nintendo DSi in Japan low? Should we be worried?
- We discuss what we’ve heard about Guitar Hero: World Tour, as well as the upcoming spin-off titles. Are they ruining the series with all these titles or is more Guitar Hero a good thing?
- Wii Music is finally out and we give our thoughts on just how fun this title is
- We hang out in a chat on WiiNintendo (which you can read here) and get the opinions of everyone in the chat on the topics we are discussing in the podcast
- We mention our campaign to help disaster victims, known as “WiiNintendo.net 1UPing Disasters”, and talk about how the Red Cross contacted us showing their support. Look for more on this campaign soon.

There was plenty to discuss and plenty of people in the podcast to voice their opinions. So, it’s expected that this podcast would go over an hour, and it does. The podcast clocks in at 1 hour, 19 minutes, and 47 seconds. As always, you can listen to the podcast, download it (file size is 73.0 MB), subscribe to the RSS feed, or subscribe to the podcast on iTunes all at the bottom of this post. If you have trouble finding it on iTunes, it is under the name wiiklyfuse. I recently subscribed to it since I bought an iPod Touch and it’s fun to go back and listen to the previous shows, so I recommend you do so as well.

Remember to join us in a chat on WiiNintendo when we record our next podcast on Wednesday, November 5th (usually it’s on Tuesday, but that’s election day) between 9:30 and 10 pm eastern time. Please send us your feedback and any suggestions you may have for future podcasts. We want you to enjoy these podcasts, so please let us know what you want us to discuss. If you have anything more you want to suggest or to submit a question for the podcast crew (which we’ll play in an upcoming podcast), you can do one of three things: You can post a comment on this post, you can email me at [email protected], or you can post it in the Submission/Suggestion Thread on the WiiFuse forums. I look forward to hearing from you!

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In June 2008, Hassan was offered a position at NintendoFuse, and he accepted it right away. He is a big Nintendo fan, and has owned every handheld since the Game Boy Color and every console since the Nintendo 64. Hassan’s philosophy is very simple: “fun”. He plays video games to escape from life for a while and just relax and enjoy. As a blogger, Hassan’s focus is to provide the most detailed news articles and hands-on impressions that you will find anywhere. The more information that he can provide to the fans and readers, the better. And to further expand on his philosophy of fun and his detail-oriented goal, Hassan started up the NintendoFuse Podcast in September of 2009.

Hassan has been blogging for NintendoFuse since June 2008, and he enjoys being a part of this wonderful community. He hopes to provide you with the latest and greatest Nintendo news and rumors, as well as hands-on impressions, with as much detail as possible to benefit the fans and readers.

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  • SirVenom

    Sorry about the times I interrupted. Most of those times I had either said it when there was a space (but my sound lagged until someone said something), or I didn’t hear anything. It was a little buggy last night.

  • SirVenom

    Lol, the echo near the middle makes it really interesting to listen to :P

  • DarkWish

    @SirVenom: No problem. I could tell sometimes when we were recording it that it was lagging, but there wasn’t anything we could do about that. It was probably just going crazy cause of all the people that were there lol.

  • SirVenom

    Lol, probably