Wii Pole Dancing?!?

Ok, so I have to say I am really confused by what I just found. Apparently, a Wii pole dancing “game” is due out soon. Peekaboo Pole Dancing is currently seeking a partner to license a game for the Wii. Is anyone else as confused as I am? How would this even work? They even mention they would probably have a pole peripheral. Now, I know that pole dancing is becoming a popular aerobic exercise for many ladies today, but why (and how) would they make a game for the Wii?

What is wrong with a DVD you just play and dance along with? Not to mention, I’m not sure (if I was a father) I would want my little girl(s) seeing a game that promoted pole dancing. That’s not what I want my children to grow up aspiring to be. Granted you could take the same position with the violent games out there (and many have), but you get my point.

Overall, I just had to share this finding and my frustration because of it. I am happy about the 3rd party support the Wii is getting, but I’m not very excited that there is a lot of crap coming out for the Wii lately…including pole dancing. What’s next…a stripper Wii game?

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  • sloflier

    “What’s next…a stripper Wii game?”

    God I hope so…then maybe I could convince the wife to let me put the wii in the bedroom…and then…oh the possibilities.

  • http://forums.wiinintendo.net/ SirVenom

    I believe that it is very safe to assume that this is a sick-minded prank;

  • aphexbr

    “What is wrong with a DVD you just play and dance along with? ”

    No offence, but couldn’t you just say the same about dance or fitness videos? Then, if everyone though like that, we wouldn’t have DDR or Wii Fit would we?

    Anyway, count me into the “it’s a joke” camp, but I wouldn’t be surprised if there was such a product… and that the Christian moral campaigners will appear claiming it’s aimed at 6 year olds…

  • http://wiinintendo.net scullum2001

    @ aphexbr — No offense taken. The difference would be in those games you actually use a dance pad or the new wii balance board. Of course I’m not a game designer, but how would a pole interact with the Wii? Do you get what I mean? Anyways, here’s to hoping/praying this is just a joke.

  • Night

    A single head injury lawsuit due to pole breakage will wipe out the company(ies) behind this game.

    This has got to be a joke. But why Wii?

  • fadecy

    I havent’t read the article yet but that is some masterful photoshop work X-D

  • http://wiinintendo.net projectpat421

    What a great way to get girls to dance. “It’s just a video game try pole dancing for me.” I think it’s awesome, but have a hard time believing there would be a nintendo game like this.

  • hearts

    i dont understand how it would work because the poll needes to be bolted down and everything or your going to be brakeing something ….

  • MetalWorkinDiva

    Unless they’re designing a new pole, Peekaboo poles are props only. No spinning. No inverts. No aerial poses. In short, no fun. If I wanted a prop to dance around, well I could use a kitchen chair or my real brass pole (that is far more versatile than the Peekaboo pole, and it’s tension mounted so no holes in the ceiling or floor). I was really excited about this game, but my excitement faded quickly.

  • scally

    OMG!! this game would be so cool! anyone who takes offense to this game shouldn’t buy it then should they!

    if its going to be criticized and told it will be advertised to 6 year olds then the parents should be smart enough not to buy it for their 6 year olds!! and if they then go on to try to sue the company for turning their children into slappers they should be slapped and blamed themselves!!

  • shelly

    peekaboo cant take the weight of anyone over 6 stone haha how on earth is it going to be acrobatic!!

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  • Coconut Head

    Dude, it would be awesome if there was a wii stripping game, just long as it was only girls stripping, and not me.

  • kathy

    i want to but the PEEKABOO POLE DANCING but i cant find it… help

  • april

    i actually came up with this idea right before i realized peekaboo was trying to do the same with nintendo. There could be different versions, but becuase it is a wii which is more interactive, the setup would be similar to DDR, exept the pole would have sensors to figure out where it was being touched to do certain moves at certain times. It can be done, and will be from what i’ve heard. There are already poles out that are on ‘stages’ that allows no connection to ceiling, so it can be done. As for the people that think it is ‘sick joke’, pole dancing is just as effective as other forms of working out except it requires grace and balance. Its an even better workout than the other alternative to workout of belly dance. The parents that are concerned with their children playing it need to talk to their children about it (if they are even old enough) and be good parents instead of acting like this is a game that teaches how to strip. The only issue i see with the production of the game is that it’s peekaboo. I’ve had one of their poles and i must say its worthless. It isn’t stable. If they want to be up to nintendo’s standards on quality then they will have to step it up.

  • Vamp

    It’s sounds like a great idea but will it work? what’s going to be the weight limit that the pole can hold? Are you going to have to go to a adult store just to buy it, if so that would not work for a a lot of people. I really am for this idea am just wondering if it’s really going to work?

  • horserider

    When are they going to release this game..? Also how much is it going to be to buy it off the shelfs..?

  • caitlin dryden

    Well I guess this game never came out then? I can understand that it is not for everyone but then there are plenty of computer games that you wouldn’t want kids going anywhere near, so as long as it didn’t come with a 7 foot pole then it should be easy enough to keep from them if you wanted it.