SSBB: GameTrailers Video Review'

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  • Dannbuoy

    Give me a big bowl of that goodness now! (LIVING IN THE UK IS TOUGH SOMETIMES…)

  • lokijki

    Did anyone else have trouble getting online yesterday? It might of been that to many people were trying at once, but I couldn’t get into a game at all. I’m gonna try again later today.

  • Gameking102

    Yeah I couldn’t go on at all.It sauid the players were lost or you got disconnected from the network….

  • Gameking102


  • hullbreach

    I tried getting online but couldn’t find anyone.

    I’ve been spending most of my Brawl time playing the Subspace Emissary. It’s actually fairly fun.

  • Beximus

    I didnt find subspace emissary dissapointing.

  • Kaneco

    I heard the Nintendo servers are not up yet.