Connect to DS in Mii channel, video

WiiNintendo reader Jean sent in this video.'

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  • robs

    who the f*** is that going?

  • Bogger


  • flamingsquirrel

    it could be fake, but it looks pretty well done
    the message is worded pretty strangely though.
    “Waiting for a Connection from a DS that can communicate with the Mii channel”

    This is what makes me think it’s fake, because that wouldn’t be how Nintendo would word it. It also implies that only certain DS’s can connect, like not all are compatible

  • Le lapin blanc

    So fake…. Where have you ever seen that “signal” symbol, so ripped out of the DS, into the Wii?

  • Roth

    Seems real to me. Maybe it’s part of a new DS game that incorporates Miis like Madden 08 [DS], etc. Madden 08 [Wii] does support Miis so maybe the DS version does too.

    By the way, I did receive an update while initially loading up Metroid Prime 3. So maybe with an update will be required to play Madden 08 [Wii].

    // Roth

  • Pnut

    The screen flicker in the recording makes me think that this is a computer monitor, so maybe someone created a flash Mii Channel to fake this.

  • RobsDS

    its a fake
    no one can hold the Wiimote still like the person in the vid
    he don’t move the corsur on his own achs(?) (german: um die eigene achse^^)

  • Kelly

    There’s no mii on the screen either. They usually walk around. They probably couldn’t animate a mii from all angles in flash.

  • Kelly

    But I can hold my wii-mote pretty still, even with one hand.

  • hey_suburbia


    There’s a Mii on the bottom, then it walks down.

    I’m trying to contact the submitter of this video for more pics/video

  • Bob

    you can adjust the sensitivity of the wiimote you know in the console settings, i have mine so that it doesn’t shake about when i hold it and the cursor stays perfectly still.

  • Steve

    I’m so confused! haha

  • rigo

    i believe the video is legitimate, it,s like what theybdid with gba that pressing buttons changed the colors of gb bw sw. if we could only find out what the kid pressed on the wiimote we could have this available on our wii. was it only buttons or also moves of the wiimote as well?

  • [][][]

    I hope it’s real, but most likely isn’t. If it was, the DS would connect to the Wii, and it never shows anything on the DS, and I tried to update my Wii, and couldn’t, so I guess that it’s fake.

  • JT

    I hope it’s real as well. If it is a fake then it was very well done. It almost seems too good for it too be fake. But it’s still very possible that it is. There are a lot of good flash animators out there.

  • Steve

    Testing now. . .


  • Rodri_gop

    This is a Fake! The message talks about a “DS”. Keep a eye that Nintendo never says only “DS” to the Nintendo DS. In fact. when the “Wii” is written in some message, Nintendo puts “Wii Console” instead only “Wii”.


  • ti-1798

    you can get the wii curser at curser mania so that can be how the got the cursur to look like that

  • Rob

    Well, i dont know if its real or not, but since everyone here always calls things fake and then they turn out to be real theres a good chance it could be

  • [][][]

    True, I do have the Wii cursor on my computer too… And since it never rotates, it now has an even higher chance of being fake.

  • Roth

    Then what if this turns out to be genuine?
    What would you trolls do in return to the founder?
    I bet you won’t show even a bit of appreciation.

    // Roth

  • Hologram

    Doubting someone does not make one a troll. A troll is someone who says something solely to annoy and infuriate. The good people who are doubting here are merely being skeptical, not trolling.

    Personally, I don’t believe it. If you’re going to access something like DS to Wii communication, it isn’t going to be from a button code or Wii Remote gesturing. That’s like saying that to access the Wii Shop you have to press Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, +, all while drawing a star in the air with the Wii-mote.

    No, something like that would happen via an update, everyone would get it, and you would not need to put in some code to find it. This, combined with what everyone has said above, makes me believe this is fake.

  • andymc

    and why are there no more details than just a video, no text or anything explaining what we’re seeing, what a lazy fake. I mean, if you’re going to make a fake thing to get people all excited, at least make up some fake story to go along with it, like “omg nintendo sent me a wii message and said i’m in a beta omg” or something like that

  • Nik

    Yeah that would be good idea. That would make everyone think it was more real….NOT. It does look suspicious

  • Bookie

    Eh, can’t someone ask NOA to confirm this or not?

  • chris

    try going to DS downlaod play.

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  • andy

    Am I the first one to mention that in Pokemon Battle Revolution, You Can Connect the DS to the Wii?

  • chaos

    has anyone noticed that there is no other person beside this guy who show a video like this? i tried looking into this and all i got was this exact same video. u would expect if it was real it would have been posted all over the internet with SEVERAL different actual witnesses

  • Winerrs

    How do you do this?

  • FlamingSquirrel

    It’s fake.

  • Blasty

    It’s not fake you assholes, Its only on the new Wii models built AFTER December 2007

  • FlamingSquirrel

    hmm… he might be right *beeping in backround* wait, nvm, that was my bullshit meter going off.

    How did the guy who made this video get a Wii made after after Dec ’07 when the video was made in September?

    These noobs get dumber every year.

  • aat

    I got message from nintendo they said they will reveal later

  • art

    whoever says its fake re dumb bitches

  • Roth
  • Roth

    Here’s the secret code:
    Press A
    Press B
    Press 1
    Hold 2 for a few seconds.

    // Roth

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  • lolcats

    it works but how do you use it

  • Inertia

    This is real just try it.
    open Wii’s Mii channel press A,B.1 then hold down the 2 button until the DS Communicate comes on to the screen.

  • Inertia

    He is using the new DSi to connect to the Wii

  • DarkWish

    @lolcats: You can’t use it in the US yet. In Japan, they just released Personal Trainer: Walking for the DS and so you can transfer your Mii’s to your DS in that game. That game isn’t in the US yet so while we can access this feature now, we can’t actually use it with any game yet.

    @Inertia: You can use this with any DS, not just the DSi.

  • Jack

    Nah, this is real, I’ve done it to my own Mii channel, it’s a puzzle yes, for only two games can connect to it so far…

  • Free Wii Points

    Which games work with this?

  • Jack

    it’s true i did it on my wii all you have to do is press start on mii chanel then press a b 1 and hold down two for 5 seconds :)

  • sreas2

    its fukin real i even did it myself

  • Wii Hacker

    That’s pretty cool, thanks I gotta try this with my Wii.

  • Donovan


  • IDKthings

    umm…since video was removed,how does it work?

  • Wii Points Code

    This video has been removed. Has it been uploaded anywhere else?

  • Josh

    awwww video is removed D:

  • justin

    videos gone :(

  • Nelaka Rupasinghe

    Go to mii channel and press A,B,1, and hold 2 in order as listed.

    Found from user named ; Unregistered

    From website;

  • Skater_punk88

    you press a b 1 then hold 2

  • Giggles79stewart

    noooooo i need to see this vid so a vid hunt is on comment me if you find it the hunt is on look for the vid and i will help you do some ting on the wii