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The Legend of Zelda – Full Retrospective DVD

The Legend of Zelda – Full Retrospective DVD

by Bradley DeLorenzoNovember 22, 2006

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If you have not heard or seen anything about the Zelda Retrospective series, it’s about time you did. released 6 in-depth videos looking at the entire Zelda series. They released one video a week since October. They finally wrapped up the last part this past Sunday. You can view all 6 videos below:
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6

[Sept. 2012 Update] The videos are no longer available on GameTrailers. Also, the DVD lost seeders since it’s original upload date in 2006. I have received numerous emails over the last couple years to get this back up, so after much searching I’m now seeding the DVD and will do some for at least 3 months, so get it while it’s hot and keep seeding!


With that being said, WiiNintendo decided to combine all 6 videos into ONE 50 minute video. It was edited down to run seamlessly through, then output to DVD (Video_TS folder, ready to burn to Disc.)

Here is the general synopsis of the DVD:

We take a look at the humble beginnings of the boy dressed in green, and the adventures he found on his quest for greatness It continues with a look at Link’s return to his roots, and his first handheld outing. Then we find Link riding his way onto the Nintendo 64, and becomes the ultimate master of disguise. After that Link brings us back to the handheld market where Link meets a few new friends. Lastly, ventures onto the GameCube where he undergoes an extreme makeover, and meets a talking cap that’ll change his world perspective.

As our retrospective comes to an end, we try to make sense of the history of Hyrule and it’s ever-present green-clad hero.

Download DVD Torrent

Download the Official DVD cover art


Here is the 50 minute plus DVD on Google Video, Not available anymore…:

UPDATE 1: wanted their bumper back in the video (understandably), the reason it’s not in the Google Video version is because it’s a rip from the DVD, which has their logo and website on the DVD and DVD case.

UPDATE 2: Here it is back on Google Video, we’ll see how long it lasts (ALL CREDIT,, it was created into an .mp4 for iPod, I’m working on getting a GT Logo in there, I have to re-render, upload, etc…:

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